Current Projects

1. Provide scholarships to students
We are actively working on to provide scholarships to more and more students.

2. Rampyari Kashiprasad Kanya Inter College
We have been helping Rampyari Kashiprasad Kanya Inter College, Tiwaripur, Kanpur (U.P.), with the much needed concrete roofing of its building. We appreciate the help of our donars, Mr. Lakshman Thakur and Mr. Sheel Thakur without whose help this project would not have been financed.

Please click here to see the pictures from RK College.
Please click here to see the letter from Principal of RK College.

3. Projects in Consideration
As part of our expanding activities, we are considering to complete following small projects in near future:

  • Provide school uniforms to needy students in some schools
  • Provide academic books to poor students. Books must be returned to
        school after final exams, so that it is available for other students in next year.
  • Install few hand-pumps for drinking water.

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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